Publicado por: TDM | 29 de abril de 2009

Furnas Trail

Following the open prairie of Campos Gerais, in south Brazil, it possible to be an eyewitness of one of the most spectacular landforms, named Furnas. This unique relief is a group of sinkholes, which can reach 230 feet deep into the ground and preserve, islands of Araucaria Forest, isolated in the middle of the prairie.

The Furnas Trail leads you inside the sinkholes, providing a bearthtake experience. The path start in the Twin Furnas and ends inside of the spectacular Buraco do Padre, where you can refresh yourself in the inner waterfalls.

Other activities are possible in the area, such as, rock climbing, cascading and canyoning.  A visit in the area requires a local guide, because the Furnas Trail is unmarked.

Buraco do Padre

Buraco do Padre. TDM, 2007.

Furnas Trail. Ponta Grossa (PR).


Serpents in the Furnas Trail. TDM, 2010.


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